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Let's partner up!
Let's step up your web content.

Let's take your digital image to the next level!



What we do

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Audit & Strategizing

We take a look at your content and see what's working and what's not. We come up with content plans that are tailored to suit your business(es).


Stepping UP

Content Development

We put together the 'word-and-image' that your audience needs to see. We optimize your content so search engines are able to find it.


Branding UP

Social Media Management

We generate buzz! We make sure you are 'visible' to your public. We build your brand. We engage with your audience in YOUR voice.

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Why do you need content in the first place?

To create awareness about your product, service or art 

To be able to inform & educate your customer /client

To be able to build and maintain a rapport with your public

To enable your website to  come up in internet search results

To enhance 

your purpose:  expand your business or brand

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About who we are: 

We're a small business serving small businesses build up a digital image.

About what we do:

We know that your website is a picture of your business. We know it should be well-composed, well-presented and visible-on-the-web. We have the tools to build your brand using content as the bricks. So we thought: why not reach out, hold hands and raise more businesses up as far as they can go. 

About what we bring to the table:

Your web content will be in able hands. The SEO Research, Content Strategy, Content development and Social Media content will be handled by someone who is trained in SEO and Social Media Management and has over a decade of experience in writing for the web. She has also worked as a journalist for a trade magazine, a mainstream-national newspaper and an international news portal. 

About where we are:

We are based just outside the Silicon Valley but what does that matter when we are all just a click away, and almost anything can be done via emails, calls and IMs?!

You go first. You mail us your details and a good time to get in touch. You win a free consultation! 


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